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Restorative Justice Plans are another form of evaluations that we can provide.There is a growing movement in the justice system which reflects the needs of both the defendant and the victim/community.Principles of this movement are outlined at
which states the following ideology of the mending process:
  1. Crime is an offense against human relationships.
  2. Victims and the community are central to justice processes.
  3. The first priority of justice processes is to assist victims.
  4. The second priority is to restore the community, to the degree possible.
  5. The offender has personal responsibility to victims and to the community for crimes committed.
  6. Stakeholders share responsibilities for restorative justice through partnerships for action.
  7. The offender will develop improved competency and understanding as a result of the restorative justice experience.
Positive Resources, LLC staff will work with the defense team to design a plan that best meets the needs of all parties and helps start the healing process for all those involved.
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