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Alexander M. Krych, Director,
Positive Resources, LLC: Investigative Services
New Jersey Private Investigator Lic. #8243

Positive Resources LLC, Investigative Services was established in New Jersey in 2008 by Alexander M. Krych after retiring from a distinguished and fulfilling law enforcement career as a Bureau Chief in charge of four major Investigative and Intelligence Units within the New Jersey State Police. Positive Resources LLC, is licensed through the State of New Jersey and is bonded and insured.

Alexander M. Krych had close to three decades of investigative experience upon retiring. His investigative career commenced in the private sector working with two private detective agencies. Where he conducted numerous successful investigations in areas such as insurance fraud, loss prevention, undercover operations, custody matters, fidelity and matrimonial issues, accident scene documentation, statement taking, claims verification and kidnapping. Further he conducted extensive surveillance operations and maintained an in-house photography darkroom for case evidence and documentation.

He then entered the public sector starting with the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office where he was employed as a county investigator. His work included investigation of homicide cases, fire and explosion site cause and origin investigation and arson determination, child abuse and sex crimes, as well as follow up investigation and statement taking, and grand jury and trial case preparation and presentation. In addition, he coordinated court room evidence and scene documentations including photographs, charts, and diagrams. Additionally, he was assigned and conducted pre-employment investigations for confidential positions of county employees.

While employed with the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office, Krych attended the Division of Criminal Justice, Prosecutor’s Detective and Investigator’s Training Program, graduating 2nd in his class. Further he attended and graduated from the American Institute of Applied Science training program in Scientific Crime Detection, gaining a background in fingerprint identification and classification, police photography, crime scene documentation, firearms identification, and criminal and civil investigation. Additionally while at the Prosecutor’s Office, he received extensive training in the investigation of fire and explosion scenes for cause and determination of origin.

In the early 1980’s he attended the New Jersey State Police Academy and after graduating academically first in his class, served both as a uniform road duty trooper investigating motor vehicle accidents and traffic safety, theft investigations, and other general criminal investigations. He then advanced into specialized criminal investigations where he conducted extensive work in complex conspiracy investigations including but not limited to narcotics and organized crime. He conducted extensive surveillance work specializing in both physical and electronic enhancement techniques to document numerous successful prosecutions. He then advanced through the ranks in investigation to the position as Bureau Chief, managing a large staff of intelligence and investigative members of the New Jersey State Police coordinating police activities in organized crime, drug trafficking, street gang, cargo theft, and homeland security efforts within the state.

Additionally during his tenure with the State Police, Alexander M. Krych was involved in the reorganization of the strategic intelligence and investigative direction of the New Jersey State Police. He assisted in the development of “Operation Safe Passage” which included: “Corporate Outreach” Initiative and “Operation Safe Freight,” both programs which involved cooperative law enforcement initiatives between the public and private sectors focusing on homeland security, domestic preparedness, infrastructure security and the identification and criminal activity to create safer communities within the State of New Jersey. Further he was instrumental in the implementation of the “Intelligence Led Policing,” State Police initiative, which expanded “Operation Safe Passage” from an Investigations Section initiative to complete organizational participation. This program streamlined resources within the state police for maximum effectiveness, analyzed gathered intelligence and identified statewide threats and hazards for focused law enforcement and private sector response and deployment.

Further, he was the New Jersey representative to the executive steering committee for the Domestic Highway Enforcement strategy, a national program directed to coordinate law enforcement activities throughout the country to provide safe and secure travel on our roadways.

Complete professional resume available upon request.

Carol V. Krych MA, LCADC
Litigation Support Services
New Jersey Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor # 37LC00035200

Positive Resources was initially started and directed by Carol Krych. During the 1980’s she helped implement several state and county run alternative sentence programs and had founded her own private consulting firm in 1990. In 2008, the LLC was put into practice when her husband, Alexander Krych joined the business with his numerous years of police experience and NJ License as a Private Investigator.

Ms. Krych earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice at TCNJ while working at Mercer County PTI, the first statewide-recognized diversion program.  While in graduate school at The College of New Jersey, Ms. Krych helped implement T.A.S.C. (Treatment Alternatives to Street Crime), a federally funded alternative sentence program and supervised staff while acting as an alcohol/drug evaluator for Mercer County and Trenton Municipal Courts.  In 1985 she graduated Sum Cum Laude with an MA in Counseling and at the same time organized the pilot Social Service Unit in Mercer County Public Defender’s Trial Division.  In 1986 she earned certification as a NJ Alcohol Counselor and soon achieved National Certifications as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor.  In 2004 she earned New Jersey licensure as a Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC).  To further enhance her investigative functions Ms. Krych is also a notary and can therefore take affidavits and administer oaths.

In 1988, Ms. Krych began conducting private forensic social work services and was subcontracted to perform as an expert on capital defense teams. In 1990 she opened her own consulting firm and has since been contracted to work directly on over 60 capital cases throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Federal jurisdictions. Her expertise as a forensic social worker has greatly impacted the practice of capital litigation and success of numerous cases in the tri-state area.

In addition to penalty phase investigations, Ms. Krych has conducted alternative sentence consultations on over 60 cases, often resulting with a reduction in sentence. Using her mitigation and advocacy skills she has helped private attorneys and defendants gain entrance into diversion programs, obtain treatment for a variety of addictions, obtain better plea offers and negotiate community based sentences as alternative “punishment” to incarceration.

Ms. Krych has also been trained by the NJ Administrative Office of the Courts in Court Mediation and is certified to use the LSI-R risk assessment tool for re-offending. In addition she is an appointed member of the Warren County Mental Health Board and she volunteers monthly for Warren County Family Courts as a member of the Juvenile Conference Committee. Hence, she uses her expertise as a mental health clinician and forensic social worker to assist Warren County Government with juvenile diversion and liaison-ship between the courts and mental health consumer’s.

Background Checks
Locate person’s searches
Personal Injury/Accident
Insurance Fraud
Sentencing Mitigation Specialist
Alcohol and Drug Evaluations
Private Alternative Sentencing/Punishing Plans
Character Reference Investigations
Restorative Justice
Plea Negotiating Consulting
Victim Liaison Consulting
Therapeutic Services
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