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From Scarinci & Hollenbeck, LLC: Attorneys at Law
Dear Ms. Krych:
This letter is in deep appreciation of and as my highest recommendation for the work you have performed for the many clients I have referred to you over the years for evaluation. I have found that your dedication, honesty and quality of work have assisted them in achieving the best results possible in preparation for negotiations with prosecutors, sentencing and parole hearings. You have formulated innovative plans for sentencing which have helped to convince judges to impose less severe sentences than if they had relied only upon the court's probation reports and the other "usual" information.
In each and every time you have worked with my clients, you have encouraged them to undertake the treatment or plan you had recommended, and that is in great part because of your dedication to them. And your successes are a direct result of the honesty and integrity of your evaluation.
Thank you again for all of your help.
Very truly yours,

From The Sentencing Project Dear Carol:
This is a long overdue letter following the Wednesday, June 11, 1997 article in the New York Times, which in essence reported on your presentation on behalf of Jesse Timmendequas. I am sure I join many others in this business in admiring the quality, thoroughness, and integrity that went into your work on behalf of Mr. Timmendequas. His was an horrific and compelling story to tell, and you must have done it superbly for the papers to pick up on many important elements. As we all knew, this was a terrible crime, but when I got through the article, I felt as if there might have been a chance for a verdict of life. I thought the actual verdict was sad evidence of how far from compassion we have fallen in this country. Of course many people disagree with these sentiments, but nobody could disagree about the quality of the work you must have done in this case. Truly, you labored well. Thank you.
Very best wishes.
Malcolm C. Young

From the New Jersey StateOffice of the Public Defender
Carol Krych has been a valuable asset to the New Jersey State Office of the Public Defender in our defense of capital cases. She is an experienced and capable forensic social worker who has been instrumental in penalty phase preparation in many of our most difficult cases. She understands her role as an investigator and is very knowledgeable about the intricacies of capital litigation. In addition, she is very good at working with our clients and their families by helping them cope with the stress inherent in death penalty cases. I certainly recommend her.
Joseph E. krakora, Esq., Director of Capital Litigation for the New Jersey State Office of the Public Defender

From Carl J. Herman
To Whom It May Concern:
I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Carol Krych, the Director of Positive Resources.
I have known Carol Krych on a professional basis for over 20 years. My association with Carol is that I have utilized the services of herself and her company in preparing mitigation cases on state death penalty trials. I have been an attorney for over 25 years and have handled the defense of numerous state death penalty cases. These cases obviously require enormous dedication and efforts on behalf an individual who is facing a death sentence.
Carol Krych has proven to be a dedicated and talented asset in assisting in the preparation of the mitigation cases. She has shown extraordinary dedication to the client and is willing to undergo any task necessary in an effort to save the client’s life. She works extremely well as a team member and the individuals who work for her have the same team approach. She has always been available to me to assist in my trial preparation. She has proven adept at locating records and witnesses and convincing reluctant individuals to come forward with necessary information. She has spent numerous hours in county jails with defendants and gaining their trust. I believe that her efforts in a number of cases have made the difference between a life and death result for my client. I would unhesitatingly recommend her and her company for assistance in preparing and presenting mitigation in a capital murder case.
I will be pleased to provide additional information should that be necessary.
Very truly yours,

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