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Positive Resources, LLC staff will conduct a thorough evaluation of each defendant so to properly weigh a variety of factors that will be considered at sentencing. Plans are designed to meet both the sentencing guidelines of the courts and the individual’s needs. Examples of issues assessed for these reports are:
  1. Risk of re-offending
  2. Was the criminal act an aberration
  3. Amenability to treatment
  4. Character Assessment
  5. Current Functioning
  6. Work Ethic-volunteerism of defendant
  7. Impact incarceration would have on family or on disabled defendant
  8. Remorse
  9. Electronic monitoring
  10. Punishment plan
Plans may also include community service, rehabilitation-both in and out patient, restitution, work release and special monitoring of the client. Positive Resources, LLC can appear in court to assist attorneys as they represent each individual and their plan.
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