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Personal injury cases are often not addressed until years after the occurrence. Many times it becomes a case of one person’s word against another. No physical evidence is available, no representation of the location or scene where the event happened. We can help you document your case and preserve the necessary evidence of the incident or event before it is changed or eroded by time or person(s).
What we can provide:
  • Digital photographs and/or videotape documentation of the scene
  • Digital photographs and/or videotape of your injuries
  • Identify witnesses
  • Document witness statements and preserve their memory in statements
  • Provide accident scene diagrams, courtroom diagrams, enlarged photographs and courtroom exhibits
  • Provide a detailed report documenting the event, the injuries, and the location
Provide investigative testimony when necessary of the scene, injuries, and events to preserve and document through independent means the incident A well documented injury case can result in early and undisputed settlement of the incident and resulting injury, thereby, resulting in a saving of time and money to both you and your attorney.
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