Criminal and Civil Defense Investigations Bookmark and Share
The key to criminal and civil defense is through a team approach.  Positive Resources, LLC is the team which will assist you in meeting your client’s needs.  We can provide you with experienced personnel who have testified in court and can help you through your case preparation and court presentation if necessary.
We can provide:
  • Assistance in gathering reports, documents, and exhibits
  • Provide additional investigation into areas of concern
  • Locate witnesses and take statements
  • Evaluation of the police reports for inconsistencies
  • Discovery review
  • Provide photographic and videotape evidence
  • Provide pre-trial and litigation support
  • Provide mitigating factors
  • Conduct drug and alcohol evaluations
  • Develop alternative sentencing evaluations and plans
Background Checks
Locate person’s searches
Personal Injury/Accident
Insurance Fraud
Sentencing Mitigation Specialist
Alcohol and Drug Evaluations
Private Alternative Sentencing/Punishing Plans
Character Reference Investigations
Restorative Justice
Plea Negotiating Consulting
Victim Liaison Consulting
Therapeutic Services
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