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Today as an employer, you have to ask yourself: is the person you are considering to hire who they say they are?  What do their previous employers say about them?  Did they get along with their previous co-workers?  Was their sexual harassment?  Or, work place violence?  Do you know what their work attendance record? Or their education or job experience really is? We provide the human element to your background investigation and have several levels of investigation which can work with your financial needs to develop an affordable examination of your prospective employee, employment partner or company.

There are several types of background investigations available:

The simplest: telephonic verification and interviewing of previous employers and references and confirming address and contact information.

More extensive : investigations with in-person interviewing and document examination of previous employment records including face to face interviews of listed references, confirmation of current address and neighborhood interviews.

A written report will be prepared and submitted to you in a timely manner providing you with a thorough overview of the individual you are planning to hire, or engage in a business partnership.

Additionally, background checks can be done for landlords wanting to know who they are renting to, employment promotions, advancing into confidential positions within a company or firm, or volunteer agencies looking for trusted workers.
Background Checks
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