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Positive Resources, LLC is a prominent consulting agency that provides standard investigating services plus the unique litigation support of sentencing mitigation specialists. We have each worked in the field of Criminal Justice for over 30 years and bring a multidiscipline approach to defense investigation services. Skilled and knowledgeable examination of each case is conducted for every referral and is performed with complete confidentiality.

Investigative Services
Positive Resources LLC, Investigative Services is a Private Detective agency.  What does a private investigator do?  They provide assistance to attorneys, businesses, and individuals by gathering information and documents.  They take statements, conduct background investigations, pre-employment investigations, and investigate fraud and insurance claims.  They conduct witness interviews, document accident scenes and injury site locations, conduct physical surveillance for many types of investigations and locate missing persons.  Many times, private investigators are hired by companies to verify employee activity and compliance with rules and regulations.  Often, private investigators work for attorneys and law firms in civil and criminal defense cases to prevent attorneys from becoming a witness in their own cases by conducting interviews or gathering evidence themselves. Many times private investigators are asked to testify in court on information or evidence in which they uncover. 

Mitigation/Litigation Support Services
Sentencing Mitigation Specialists are available for all levels of court proceedings. Throughout the country, legal statutes define the aggravating and mitigating factors that are used in our court systems today.  Defining these factors requires an in depth evaluation of each clients background and the facts of their case, which is a time consuming endeavor.   Often, judges are faced with the dilemma of trying to assess and weigh these factors with insufficient information and are frustrated by the lack of options available for sentencing.

In addition, the courts personnel that are assigned the task of assessing each individual are over burdened, under staffed and at times are not adequately trained. A private sentencing mitigation specialist can provide the solution by preparing an individualized assessment or by completing a social history investigation to properly inform the courts at sentencing.

In addition, there are other times in the criminal justice process that a mitigation expert can be useful i.e. pretrial diversion program applications or appeals, plea negotiations, sentence reconsiderations, parole applications and early release programs from the Department of Corrections.  Anytime a defendant is facing the next step in the criminal justice system they may benefit from mitigation advocacy.

Capital murder cases create an even more unique circumstance where aggravating and mitigating factors are weighed during the sentencing process. Capital juries solely rely on the material presented during the penalty phase when determining the life or death sentence of a capital defendant.  Recently, the American Bar Association and United States Supreme Court recognize the significance of this task and suggested in recent ABA guidelines and case law that each capital defense team required a mitigation expert member to conduct an investigation of the mitigating and aggravating factors obtainable in each case.  These experts help collect and define the demonstrative and corroborating evidence that counsel uses at the penalty phase.  Forensic social workers with clinical skills in evaluation/diagnosis, risk assessment and client management can provide these services.

Positive Resources, LLC staff are experts in all of these fields and have years of experience providing these many types of services. 

Background Checks
Locate person’s searches
Personal Injury/Accident
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Sentencing Mitigation Specialist
Alcohol and Drug Evaluations
Private Alternative Sentencing/Punishing Plans
Character Reference Investigations
Restorative Justice
Plea Negotiating Consulting
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Therapeutic Services
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